This Strange Fruit: Part 8

silent man in dark

Arianna watched as Nick fumbled with his phone again, stumbling along the tracks aimlessly like a child with loose shoelaces, trying to keep up with her swift pace as she pressed onward. She saw now why her sister liked the guy; his goofiness was kind of cute.

“Hey slow down. Look, I think I’m getting service here,” Nick said, holding his phone awkwardly above his head and staring at the screen with squinted eyes. He almost looked like one of those people at stadium concerts with sold-out seats who hold up their phones like torches, trying to convince the performers and musicians that they actually matter. Like there are saying, ‘Look at me, I am part of it too, I matter.’

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The Secret Reason Why No One is Reading Your Articles

type messages

There is a possibility that no one will read this.

That’s always the problem with publishing articles online or sending newsletters through email, right? There is always that small chance that every reader who finds your article or opens your email message will take five brief seconds to sift through your quotes and scan your headlines for anything compelling before quickly pressing the DELETE button. Goodbye. Have a nice day. Your efforts have failed.

See, even after discovering a great story or crafting an inspiring message, the challenge is figuring out how to grab your readers’ attention long enough for them to digest your great content. How do you organize and convey your ideas in a way that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged? What is it about a piece of content – an article or picture or video – that makes it not only interesting, but worthy of being shared on social media through mediums like Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest?

Simply, what makes a story go viral?

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This Strange Fruit: Part 7

jump into the deep

At first, Nick wasn’t sure how this woman knew his name.

Had he shared details about himself when they were rescuing him from the malfunctioning door minutes earlier? Had she been there the entire time, watching him tiptoe along the edge of death’s doorway? Nick didn’t understand why he was struggling to remember. Everything had happened so quickly, men shuffling around him like swarms of bees dipping and diving erratically to help him save his arm, the old man collapsing on the floor in sporadic spasms as his wife screamed and cried beside him, and now the blanket of darkness and confusion that covered them all with a heaviness that made it difficult to see what lay ahead.

This woman looked familiar. Nick knew that much.

But from where, he wasn’t really sure.

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What I’ve Been Reading: 5 Book Recommendations for September


I hope September is off to a great start!

This past month, I read more fiction than I usually do, which has been really wonderful. It is helping me think about ways to improve my own writing, and more importantly, it has been a lot of fun to explore new worlds. Sometimes, I find that reading fiction helps me process things going on in my own life in a way that non-fiction never will.

I am excited for the books I have on deck for September. In the meantime, check out five books I read in August (and early September) below.  I hope you add one or two to your list for this month.

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10 Leadership Lessons You Need To Remember


We all want to become better leaders.

Whether at home or at the workplace or in pursuit of our passion, we are constantly striving to learn and improve and grow. But it’s certainly not easy. What enables great leaders to overcome hardships, build great teams and innovate radical solutions to challenging situations?

What does it truly take to get there?

Often, the best lessons can be learned from history. Frequently, great leaders throughout history share common characteristics and attributes that not only made them unique, but also helped them lead great movements with innovative ideas. These individuals were not born leaders; they developed leadership habits and followed the inspiring example of those that came before them.

We can develop and foster the habits of leadership within our own lives too.

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